why some women can’t keep a man

Some women are like little children. They need coaching on how to say sorry. One reason why some women can’t keep a man is the inability to say sorry when they hurt their men, instead they use injurious and abusive words to address the man they claim to love.
Another important reason why some women can’t keep a man is that they do not possess simple wifely skills. Some women can’t perform simple traditional female tasks and assignments. I hope you understand. They are very lazy and lack the necessary skills to pleasure a man.
Some women can’t keep a man because they are wonderful liars. Some will tell their men they are visiting their mothers but they are enjoying themselves with other men.
Finances also explain why some women can’t keep a man hooked to them. If you want to keep your man, it is imperative that you know how to handle your man and deal properly with money issues when they crop up.
Money is supposed to be a source of joy for the relationship and not a source of sorrow, strife and misunderstanding. If you are in the habit of buying the latest shoes in town, expensive bags and wrist watches when major bills have not being paid, this is called extravagant spending and this can ruin your relationship.
If you want to know how to keep your man, you must take some time to plan how to make him happy at all times. You must have firm grips of the steering wheel of the relationship that you are in-charge of every moment of the relationship. If you don’t know this, then you must know that you have little control over the relationship and if you cannot keep your man hooked to you, another woman may just have your man to herself.
Instead of taking responsibility for what’s happening to your love life, some women choose to play the role of victims. You hear them the entire time saying, “poor me”.
Here is something for you to do for the next seven days. Do not complain at all about your situation. Do not complain at all, whether to yourself or out loud. Just focus on building a healthy and successful love life and you will be able to keep your man.

It’s time to decide. Why some women can’t keep a man is because some choose to be a victim. You can either be a victim or be happy with your relationship. You can’t be both. It’s time to take back your power and win back the love of the man you truly love. Click here to apply the simple techniques that have helped thousands of people all over the world to build a happy and healthy romantic relationship.